About Us

Why armbands for roller derby? 

There are many reasons to choose armbands. 

1. Arm tattoos. If you've ever tried writing your number on with a marker over arm tattoos, you know they are almost impossible to see. Referees want to see bright, high contrast numbers on your arms. 

2. Long sleeve. Not all leagues get to skate in cozy rinks. Some skate on cold concrete in drafty warehouses. With our armbands, you can wear long sleeves for scrimmage and still have a nice high contrast number on your arm. 

3. Sweat. Let's face it, derby makes you sweat! And some skaters will sweat their numbers right off of their arms. Writing a new number on a sweaty arm mid-bout barely works and will ruin your sharpie. 

4. Sharpie tattoos. Not everyone likes going into work the day after a bout with the remains of their number on their arm. 

5. Professional looking. Roller derby strives to be taken as a serious sport. One way to help is to look the part of a professional athlete. Armbands are clean and classy. 

Why skateGEEK armbands for roller derby? 

Our arm bands are made from a superior quality material that is breathable yet strong. They will not roll over or slouch.  They are stretchy but will hold their shape. The numbers are heat bonded vinyl that will never fade, crack, peel or fall off. Our armbands are individually sized to stay in place. They will not slip off during play. Because our fabric is strong, they stay good looking bout after bout. 

How to care for your skateGEEK armbands

Hand wash only in mild soap. Air dry only. Never place your skateGEEK armbands on the drier. Avoid snagging them with Velcro. 

About our arm bands

each band is hand made in our studio with high quality materials. The numbers are heat fused and will never come off. They are 2.5 inches high with 2 inch high numbers to meet standard regulation size. Arm bands with names still have 2 inch numbers, but measure 3 inches high. 5 out of 5 refs agree, our arm bands are the easiest to read!

Find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skateGEEKrollerderby

About the Owner

SkateGEEK is Skatie Kat and Cupples Sk8 from Portland Oregon. This year, we've been to The Big O in Eugene, Wild West Showdown in Bremerton and Flat Track Fever in Calgary. Find us coming up at RollerCon in Las Vegas and SpudTown Knockdown in Boise. Well be making custom bands on the spot! 

Email Skatie at portlandgrl@gmail.com for info on league discounts and wholesale.

Skatie Kat at Flat Track Fever in Calgary, Alberta May 2012At the Big O in Eugene Oregon, Feb. 2012RollerCon 2012
Taking out the jammer